What is Salvation?

My definition of salvation may surprise you.

There’s always more than one way to look at anything.  I used to hold a very different meaning of salvation than I do now.  I’m not saying that I’m right and every other idea is wrong.  I’m just offering my perspective here in the hope that it may help others as it has helped me.

The Meaning of Salvation

At this time in my life here is what salvation means to me: 

Salvation is having God’s favor right now.


You see, a lot of folks believe that salvation is escaping the eternal torment of the soul – meaning that your soul goes to heaven instead of hell.  If you ask those people if they’re saved they may reply “I hope so” or “I believe I will be”.  To them, salvation is a future event that will hopefully occur after their physical life on earth is over.

Salvation matters only when you feel a barrier between yourself and God – an element of uncertainty.

When you have God’s favor and God is your friend, salvation is no longer an issue.  Consider our example Jesus. Where do we find any indication that Jesus was concerned about his salvation?  Jesus could confidently speak of the Father and his relationship with Him.  Jesus could comfortably say “Not my will but thine” and “Into thy hands I commend my spirit”.

This level of confidence and comfort with God comes from a relationship with God.  It stems from direct communication with God.  That my friends IS salvation although most people are far too busy working to be saved to realize it.

Not that it’s their fault.  It’s not.  You see, we’ve all been taught, all our lives that there’s this list of stuff we have to do to be saved.

What is on that list will vary widely depending on where you got it.  If however, one learns to communicate with God and hear God’s voice, the list no longer matters.

Some people would argue that communicating with God is not enough.  Those folks believe that everything you receive from God should be compared to the Bible to make sure it’s correct.

While I understand this position and once supported that idea, I no longer feel that way.

If you are sure of your connection with God it’s unnecessary.  You have a conversation with God and then run to your Bible to see if God ever told someone in scripture something similar before you accept it’s from God?  If that’s what you’re doing then why attempt to communicate with God in the first place?

Just keep reading your Bible as most religious people do and pick the things out of it that you feel God might be telling you and run with that.  The result is the same and you eliminate the whole process of trying to get in touch with God!

Okay, I’m being a little silly here while I’m trying to make a point.

Here’s my point.  Spend your time really getting into the presence of God and hearing God’s voice.  Come to God in faith without wavering.  Let go of all doubts and fears.

When you do this and God does speak to you – and He will – you won’t have to ask anyone if it’s from God nor will you have to get out your Bible to figure it out.  Your heart will be on fire and you’ll know.

You may find yourself reading your Bible more but it won’t be to check up on what God has spoken to you. You’ll be reading it because it’s coming alive and becoming more meaningful than ever!  When you read the Bible you’ll feel like you’re sharing in the experiences of those you read about.  It’s far different than just reading about them – and much more rewarding!

So are you saved? First decide what it means to you. If you’re having any doubts then it’s time to stop worrying about salvation and start getting to know God.