What is His voice…. our thoughts or an actual voice we hear in our inner person?

I experience God’s voice as thoughts – but not “my” thoughts.

They’re thoughts that come to me – thoughts not manufactured or generated by my own thinking mind.

I suppose one could argue that even thoughts that come into your mind are possibly from your own mind.

I don’t want to get into trying to prove that point one way or the other.

I believe that at some level our spirits are one with God.

At that level we may experience two way communication with God.  When and how that communication becomes a thought and enters our mind I’m not exactly sure.

There seems to be a difference between the mind that entertains thoughts of God in faith and the mind that seeks only self preservation and gratification.  Perhaps I’m talking about two different aspects of the same mind – or perhaps one is the egoic mind and the other is the part of us that is in God’s image – a piece of the God mind if you will.

The mechanics of our communication with God isn’t something I can explain but as you can see there are many considerations to take into account – and I’m not even beginning to scratch the surface.

Ultimately it is up to you to determine what God’s voice is to you.

I’ve heard of people who hear an audible voice.  Most do not.  Most experience God’s voice as thoughts impressed upon their minds.

The recipient ultimately must become comfortable with deciding what is God and what isn’t.

There are some who advocate asking another person or checking your thought against The Bible.  I say there’s probably nothing wrong with that approach but to have complete faith in your relationship with God is better.  To depend on another person or the scriptures for confirmation will likely limit your experience with God to the experiences of others.

It may seem like I’m not answering the question but if you hear God as a thought or an audible voice – either is awesome and neither is bad or wrong.

I don’t really want to say “God’s voice is ____________” (fill in the blank) because to do so is to attempt to define infinite God and place limits where limits do not belong.  I also do not have the authority to place those limits – nor does anyone in my opinion.

My advice is to listen in expectation for God’s voice.  When you hear or sense it you will have had your personal experience that no one can take from you and that’s what we’re after!

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