The Superbeings

The Superbeings by John Randolph Price

My first book by John Randolph Price was “The Abundance Book”. It came recommended by a friend and I found it absolutely amazing and inspiring. Then the same friend told me that she liked “The Superbeings” even better.

On a return trip home I was driving across Louisiana. I called my friend and told her what I was doing – trying to stay awake while driving! She was inspired to begin reading portions of this book to me while I drove, then we’d discuss them.

We ended up talking about “The Superbeings” all the way across Louisiana. At some point I told her, I have to get this book and I place the order when I got home.

Ok, so what’s in it?

Price does an amazing job of explaining how life works. That’s as simple as I can make it. You probably have wondered why some things in your life don’t work, right? So have I. We all have.

We’ve been taught by our parents, our religions, our societies all kinds of ideas that as it turns out are based on appearances – not reality. And that’s why much of what we’ve learned doesn’t work – then when it doesn’t work, we’re told it’s our fault somehow. Nope. We’ve been given the wrong formula.

Read this book only if you’re open minded and long for awakening and the desires of your heart.

Price quotes scripture a good bit and I love that aspect of this book. My background is Christian and Price’s is as well. So his discussions from a Biblical perspective are familiar to me, and his conclusions resonate with me at a very deep level – as if these things were something I instinctively know, but have buried with years of training.

“Faith is consciousness” One of my favorite parts of the book, and the beginning of the inspiration that created my post entitled What Is Faith?

Price speaks of “Superbeings” – people who are living from the Christ consciousness. There are interviews with a couple of them in the book. The term “Superbeings” seems a little strange to me, because after all, we may all live from Christ consciousness if we seek to do so. Don’t let the title dissuade you however. The content is solid.

Bottom line? If you want more out of life, read this book. Drop your assumptions that you know anything at all, read it, and try it on!

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