The Golden Key To Prayer by Emmet Fox

A friend recently sent me a two page document entitled The Golden Key to Prayer by Emmet Fox.

The Golden Key to Prayer

I don’t believe that I’ve ever read anything by Emmet Fox before, but this essay truly resonated with me and it’s completely in alignment with

Now I’ll tell you why The Golden Key to Prayer was such a timely read for me.

In my continued search for truth I’ve found myself becoming frustrated with the amount of information out there that just doesn’t seem to have any basis in fact. It really is amazing how authors will write a book and even cite a resource that can’t be found.

I’ve come to realize that every person who writes has an agenda. It may be clear what that agenda is and it may not. The author may tell you his agenda is one thing and it may be completely different.

At last it doesn’t matter. Read the introductory paragraph to Mr Fox’s essay.

You and I just need to Be Still and Know God. Or in Emmet Fox’s words, “Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead”.

So whether the issue is health, wealth, your search for God,…. doesn’t matter – Think about God.

You may download “The Golden Key to Prayer” here:

The Golden Key to Prayer

Read it, do it, and share your thoughts and experiences below!

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