The Golden Key To Prayer by Emmet Fox

A friend recently sent me a two page document entitled The Golden Key to Prayer by Emmet Fox.

The Golden Key to Prayer

I don’t believe that I’ve ever read anything by Emmet Fox before, but this essay truly resonated with me and it’s completely in alignment with

Now I’ll tell you why The Golden Key to Prayer was such a timely read for me.

In my continued search for truth I’ve found myself becoming frustrated with the amount of information out there that just doesn’t seem to have any basis in fact. It really is amazing how authors will write a book and even cite a resource that can’t be found.

I’ve come to realize that every person who writes has an agenda. It may be clear what that agenda is and it may not. The author may tell you his agenda is one thing and it may be completely different.

At last it doesn’t matter. Read the introductory paragraph to Mr Fox’s essay.

You and I just need to Be Still and Know God. Or in Emmet Fox’s words, “Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead”.

So whether the issue is health, wealth, your search for God,…. doesn’t matter – Think about God.

You may download “The Golden Key to Prayer” here:

The Golden Key to Prayer

Read it, do it, and share your thoughts and experiences below!

  • Jeanie Brosius King February 2, 2014, 8:47 AM

    Emmet Fox’s instruction to forget the difficulty even if only for a few moments is so powerful. Instead, turning our mind to whatever we know about God, even a simple “God is with me” catapults us out of worry and fear. We then think a new thought and feel a corresponding new emotion which then changes the outcomes.

    Interestingly, Abraham-Hicks instructions that holding a thought combined with a feeling for as little as 68 seconds radiates energy that creates is in complete agreement and alignment with Mr. Fox’s Golden Key.

    It is my experience that thoughts are electric in nature – and this is borne out by EEG tests which show the electrical nature of thoughts in our brain. Feelings are magnetic and draw to us “more of that”. Together, thoughts and feelings create our realities. Change your thoughts, feel the emotions associated with the new thought and … experience a different outcome.

    Indeed, Robert…Be Still. Know God. Thank you.

  • Brooke Lewis February 3, 2014, 1:17 PM

    Divine timing. Enjoyed the reading…now on to application!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Kevin February 3, 2014, 2:17 PM

    I also believe this way: My question is how to apply this for intercessory prayer?

  • Robert February 3, 2014, 10:18 PM

    Great question, Kevin,

    When we are praying for others there’s a reason, right? Often we are seeing them in some sort of problem.

    So the Golden Key way would be to not think about the problem or see them in any kind of trouble at all. You also don’t make a specific request to God for them. What you’re doing is putting your thought on God and the perfection of God and seeing the other person through that lens of perfection.

    Care should be taken in interceding to ensure that we’re not simply imposing our self-righteous judgments on another or on a situation.

    Taking our focus off the problem and focusing on God takes us out of that loop of sure defeat.

    Make sense?



  • Robert February 3, 2014, 10:19 PM

    Hey Brooke!

    Let us know how the application goes!



  • Khetase Kapira February 4, 2014, 6:54 AM
      It requires spiritual understanding and deep faith in our God, so please keep sharing so that we may have the Holy spirit for us to be spiritually mature, thanks for shairing.
  • Robert February 4, 2014, 8:02 AM

    Glad you enjoyed the “Golden Key”.

    A relationship with God really is much simpler than we are taught to believe!



  • Alice kendi May 5, 2015, 4:53 PM

    It is amazing to learn about replacing problems with God. I am doing it now and will share back the outcome

  • Robert May 30, 2015, 11:03 AM

    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for sharing. We look forward to the outcome you experience!



  • Caroline July 19, 2015, 8:10 AM

    Hmmmmmm I read this article with interest.
    Could we replace God, turning to thinking about God, with say, a tree?
    Instead of “God is good” we could say “the apple tree is good” and continue on with what it good about the apple tree. Why it is good, and so on. ”
    Instead of “God is with me “, change to The apple tree is with me and I can partake of it”……..

    I guess my question here is … Does this Golden Key approach tap into some kind of power, or is it something to take ones mind off the issue in hand?

    Hope im not being contentious… But trying to understand Mr Foxs motive.

  • Robert July 19, 2015, 9:25 AM


    That’s a good question and I know you’re not being contentious.

    I go back and re-read some of my posts occasionally and notice how my perspective has shifted over time. I read this one recently too and wondered the same thing and the truth is, I’m not sure what Fox had in mind.

    I do think that a person’s individual view of God would greatly affect the usefulness of his advice. So if I see God as a vindictive and angry judge who is trying to catch me doing something wrong, then focusing on that isn’t going to help. But if I see God as the universal source of life and power that is in me and in the perceived problem as well, then there is some potential for a shift – because my attitude will shift.

    Does that make sense?


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