Here’s what a few readers have to say about

“Prepare Your Heart To Talk With God”


Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for providing me with your words and lessons of wisdom.  You have opened up my eyes to God, and I feel as though I am so much more in touch with Him.  Hopefully I will continue to become even closer to Him by applying your lessons to my spiritual experience.

Thank you again. God Bless.

  S. F.

 Thank you, the mini course is very helpful to me and my walk with the Lord.
I have kept them so I can go back.
Again, Thank you.


 I found the course informative and it gave me great insight.  I do feel this will help others in their quest for communicating properly with God.

  Beverly  T.

I very much enjoyed your website with the  7 part mini course and discussing the all important aspect of communicating with God.  It sounds like quite a few other people also enjoyed it and benefited from it!  I found your words to be genuine and from the heart and I could identify with them myself.  I truly wish that more people were aware of this possibility and of the utter amazing capacity that God has given to each one of us to actually hear from Him and respond to Him.  You have emphasized the true reality of having a personal relationship with God through the intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Power of His Divine Holy Spirit.  You were honest in that it is not as easy as it sounds but that we can trust and believe His Promise to us.  We just need to practise and continue to claim that it can happen and thank Him for it and respond accordingly.

I really liked that it was interactive with people adding comments and giving their own feedback.  This makes it real and authentic! It is through sharing of our own faith that we can help others to also grow and blossom in theirs.

Thanking you for your insight in helping us to grow in understanding of the delicate and precious process of communicating with God each in our own special way.

  Alice D.

The course did open my eyes much more.  It was like I was on a path to knowing God better, and the course helped open my eyes to things that stop me from going on that path – thereby helping me get closer to knowing God better.

  Brandon V.

I highly appreciate what you share with me about God.  You’ ve made it so real, simple and personal for me.  The way God communicates with me may not be the way He does to you or any body else.  However we all need to be still and listen to Him.
God bless you.
 John K.
Thanks!!  Really Great!!  I have them where I can study them, look over them etc.  So now when I pray I look foward to seeing ( how ) HE answers. Anything else you would like to send ??
I realy enjoyed the lessons. Thanks again and may GOD Bless.
  Bill C.
The course has helped me understand who I am in God’s eyes.  I understand that no matter what I may think God understands me and my worth for he has made me. I know now that I can talk to God and not doubt myself anymore.  I thank you so much for writing this course and I encourage you to continue in your teaching.

  Icy K.


Dear Robert,
                  I appreciated your 7 part Course- “Prepare Your Heart To Talk With God.” It is very uncomplicated and meaningfull. In contrast, we as humans tend to compartmentalize  and add complicated procedures to things that should be easy and natural.

  Don D.


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