Questions About Communicating With God

Here’s a list of commonly asked questions:

How do I know God is listening?

Do I give Him enough time to answer?

How will I know His voice?

Why am I not having communication daily like I hear others say they do?

What is the difference between meditation and prayer?

How do I communicate with God?

How do I obtain wisdom?

How do I get closer to God?

How to truly let go and let God? I want to feel faith in the toughest of times….

How do I concentrate such that I will lose the consciousness of my surroundings?  i.e. where the prayer is going on

How do I know it’s God and not the enemy?

What is God’s voice…. our thoughts or an actual voice we hear in our inner person?

Being quiet and focusing

How to stay focused

How to – fluently (I don’t mean vocabulary etc.)

How can I be sure I have reached Him?

Does God really hear me?

How to understand when God speaks.

Can God be that feeling in your gut that says no?

How to know clearly that it is God that is speaking to me.

How will I know it is God’s voice and not my conscience?

Why can’t I feel/experience His Presence and Love?  Not emotionally but in my heart (my State and Sense of BEING).