Peace With God

“How do I find peace with God?”

The answer to this question is precisely what I would love to help you find.

Peace with God is what we’re all really after, isn’t it?

That’s why we want to communicate with God, and hear God’s voice. That’s why we explore various spiritual paths, religions, churches and on and on.

We long for peace. We’re not satisfied with anything less. We may find an apparent solution and become taken with it for a time, but if peace is not found, we’re compelled to move on.

Eventually, you will realize that peace isn’t found outside yourself.

You won’t find peace with God as a result of joining a church. It’s not in the relationship you think you need with others.

What is peace, where to find it, how to keep it is, it’s meaning and more is the point and purpose of

Stay tuned for what is coming!