More About Me


I’d love to help you find, feel and enjoy a deeper relationship with God.

If you’ve come from a strong Christian background and yet feel like something is missing, the chances are good that our paths are very similar.

Do these sound familiar to you?

  • Were taught to live by the Bible, God’s word.
  • Believed that people outside your faith were going to hell.
  • Felt compelled to save the world.
  • Learned to judge everyone and everything fairly harshly based on your religious views.
  • Tried to find peace within the church and didn’t succeed.
  • Wanted to experience God in a deeper way.
  • Felt something was missing and was afraid to ask questions or look for the missing pieces.
  • Religious system became more and more burdensome and less and less satisfying.
  • Longed for the peace, love and joy that others said they had, but couldn’t seem to get it.


I was born into a family that subscribed to a fundamental Christian religion. We pretty much went by the book – The Holy Bible.

Growing up I was encouraged to associate only with those of like faith and I did a good job of it. We weren’t a large group and so my circle was pretty small.

After spending a year in college I felt the call to go into the ministry. I remained in that ministry for nearly 10 years. I had some amazing experiences and met many, many wonderful people in several different states.

Being in the ministry really prompted me to begin examining my beliefs as well as the result of my ministry. Much of what I had been taught just didn’t seem to work the way it was supposed to.

Often when a Christian finds some problem with their particular fellowship they’re told to “pray about it”, or they “need more faith” or perhaps “God is working it out” among other replies. I understood those answers well as I had given them many times.

For some reason those “answers” were not giving me the satisfaction I wanted and so I continued seeking and evaluating.

Eventually I realized that I needed to leave the ministry that I had intended to give my entire life to. I spent some difficult days trying to determine what God’s will was for me. His answer finally came after months of being still and seeking God’s answer. It was to leave and there was no doubt.

Leaving was a big step for me for many reasons but I knew like I had never known before that God was directing.

Not too long after leaving the ministry I married my lovely wife. She was a tremendous support to me and understood my spiritual background as well as the path I was on. She was a member of my faith and so we continued participating in the religion of our upbringing.

During the first year of our marriage we moved to a new city, bought a house, and started a business.

That was a time of growth, struggle, introspection and more sorting of beliefs.

I was finally forced to closely examine the religion of my youth and realized that it no longer served me. But what to do?

I came to a point where I finally gave up. I said a little prayer to God.

As I recall it went like this:

“Okay God, I give up. I’ve tried serving you and worshipping you the way I’ve been taught. I’ve been promised peace, love, joy, etc. and I don’t have it. Nothing I’ve tried has worked so now I quit. I’m not going to do anything. I’m going to sit right here and do absolutely nothing until you show me what to do”.

That was probably the shortest prayer I ever uttered but it was the most sincere and I did exactly what I said. I gave up “praying”, reading my Bible and attending church. More than that, I gave up all my ideas about God, truth, religion, right and wrong. I noticed thought coming in but I was unattached to them. I simply put myself into a place of not knowing anything.

At first nothing happened. I say that but really a lot was happening. There’s a lot going on when you give up all your stuff – beliefs, ideas, thoughts about God, everything you ever knew about God and your relationship with him.

I noticed a peace! I really expected to be in some sort of upheaval or upset. Surprise!

Nearly a year later God gave to me a revelation of grace. This was an amazing experience that left me hungry for more. You can read more about that experience on this site.

Without diminishing from daily communication from God, I view that as my first significant communication from God.

After this experience, I began attending church again some for a time. Finally I realized it was really over. It just didn’t meet my need. I still attend on occasion but not on a regular basis.

Now I find myself in the place of being a Christian without a Church.

I’m content now to be a part of the Church that is seeking a relationship with God outside traditional religion. In fact, it thrills me!

As time has passed I’ve felt the need to share with others. I continue to observe Christians leaving their churches in disappointment and frustration. Then quite often they’re concerned about what to do, where to go.

The guilt and shame can be enormous. Often their families and friends don’t understand and even desert them or persecute them in various ways.

This site is for those who are seeking the peace, joy and love that their heart longs for. It is for you that I write and speak – to encourage you to keep going, keep asking, seeking and knocking, despite what others will tell you.

You’re seeking the freedom that Jesus spoke of when He said “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”.

So, Welcome!

I leave you with a promise from the lips of Jesus:

Matt 7:7-8

7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.