How To Hear God’s Voice

The first step in hearing God’s voice is to stop entertaining the idea that it’s difficult or impossible to hear God’s voice!  It really is easy.  A child can do it.  I often wonder if that is why Jesus often emphasized becoming like a little child.  At any rate, you can do it.  Put your mind at rest right now.

Since you’re reading this you already want to hear God, so that part is out of the way.  It’s probably no surprise to know that you must want to hear God’s voice before you can.

This is actually one of the beauties of relationship with God – while God is always speaking, only those who desire to hear will be able to hear God speak to them.

Jesus spoke about having “ears to hear”.  To me that just means having the desire to hear God’s voice in your heart.  It’s the people with that desire that will know God.

So now the “want to” is out of the way.  Let’s talk about faith a bit.

Hebrews  11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. (KJV)

You may have a number of beliefs that prevent you from hearing God’s voice.  You must believe that you will receive something from God when you seek His presence.  Any belief you may have that undermines your faith that you will be rewarded when you seek God must be brought down.

There is no way to list all of them but common beliefs that prevent communication with God are:

  1. I’m not worthy.
  2. God doesn’t speak to people today.
  3. I’m too great a sinner for God to speak to me.
  4. Even if I heard God’s voice I couldn’t be sure.
  5. People that claim to hear God’s voice are mental.
  6. There’s no way to be sure that I’m really hearing God’s voice.
  7. The devil may speak to me instead of God and I won’t know the difference.


The free course goes into more of those types of beliefs.  If you examine any belief that’s standing in your way of hearing God’s voice, you will find something common to all of them.  They are all rooted in fear and doubt.

Does this mean you must eliminate all fear and doubt to hear God’s voice?  No, but you’ve got to overcome it enough to actually allow yourself to come in to God’s presence.

Psalms 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. (KJV)

When you become truly still you set aside all those fears, doubts and opposing beliefs.  You quiet your mind.  It is within your mind that all that opposing material exists.  Once you become still it’s strangely absent and it becomes obvious why stillness is the key to communicating with God!

When your mind is quiet ask God a question.  You may notice a thought that lights you up.  Perhaps a whole flood of thoughts – thoughts you’ve never had before, thoughts you didn’t conjure up.  They’re inspiring thoughts – thoughts that give you peace.

When you have this experience you will know – and you will know that you’ve heard the still small voice of God with the ears of your heart!

If you’ve made it to this point, I encourage you to read “What Is Faith” to gain some clarity around how your Faith is creating your life!


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  • Maria Sep 5, 2010, 12:42 pm


    I like this site very much. This is very interesting. I have a question, though. How do I know I am hearing from God and not the devil? It has been said that the Lord will always use scripture to speak to His people (amongst other things) about whatever it is that we need to hear from Him on. However, the enemy had the nerve to quote scripture to the Lord Himself–he of course misrepresented the Word of God and took it out of context. Nevertheless, I have prayed about certain things that have been on my heart for years, and over that period of time I would hear a message preached or a scripture verse quoted or a praise song that would speak to that situation but the prayer has NEVER been answered! It’s never come to pass. How do I know that it was God speaking and not the enemy just twisting scripture or using God’s Word to lie to me and to give me false hope? How do I really know I have heard from God? What’s the defining factor?

  • Robert Sep 5, 2010, 10:13 pm


    I have been told as well that God speaks through scripture, ministers, etc….. even preached it for a few years. That’s fine if God does that. That’s no more clear, because once again we wonder… is this God or not?

    The thing I noticed in my ministry was that it was creating something that wasn’t healthy – a dependency on scripture and ministers.

    That’s another reason for this site. People need to know God themselves. Remember Jesus is our example – not just our minister’s example. Jesus demonstrated a powerful relationship with God and guess what? He wasn’t reading the Bible that so many Christians are addicted to.

    Christians have been taught for thousands of years to fear needlessly. Fear the devil, fear being outside God’s will, fear sin, fear going to hell, fear, fear, fear. Think about it!

    Where did Jesus demonstrate this need to live in fear of everything? He didn’t! Jesus said “Fear not…”

    Mainstream Christianity has taken the simple relating to God that Jesus demonstrated and made a fear based religion out of it. And people love it…… why? Because it resonates with the fears, judgments and beliefs they already have.

    This is not “being transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). This is called making “provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof” (Romans 13:14).

    Fears and doubts about our spirituality, our salvation, our relationship with God come from the self, the flesh…… and we incorporate those things into our religions and struggle with them all our days…… no, making provision for the flesh is not the better way.

    With regard to prayer – I think a lot of people have misunderstood the usage of prayer. Jesus said anything we asked for believing we’d receive.

    What do we do? We pray most often about situations that are not according to our liking. Here’s the way it goes: We observe, we judge, we feel powerless and we fear, we pray to God to change it, we wait and nothing ever happens. This is contrary to what Jesus commanded.

    Here’s how it should work: We decide what we want, we ask for it, we give thanks for having recieved it, we let go of when or how because we know our request is on it’s way.

    Notice the difference? There’s no fear or judgment in the second way.

    Often we pray about another person – usually they’re doing something we think they ought not to do. These prayers are nothing more than the projection of our judgments on God and the foolish expectation that He should do something about a situation that He already has in hand! We’re not trusting, believing or demonstrating faith at all!

    When it comes to hearing from God and knowing that you’ve heard from Him, you are the defining factor.

    I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but I promise you this. If you’ll let go of your fears, judgments and belief that keep you in a state of fear and doubt around hearing God’s voice and become still – God will speak and you’ll know. If you’ve got any doubt, ask God if what you heard was His voice.

    Do not depend on anyone or anything to verify or prove that God spoke. You’ve got to trust and believe. If you have to have proof from some other source, what’s the point of hearing God’s voice anyway?

    For a real relationship with God we have to let go of all the stuff that prevents us.

    God wants that relationship and is waiting for us to get out of our own way!



  • Laura Oct 17, 2010, 12:50 pm

    How can you know the Father God love, when you’ve been hurt by men and never had the love of an earthly father? I get asked this question a lot of times and I just don’t know how to answer it.

  • Robert Nov 29, 2010, 5:09 am


    I apologize for the delay in answering your question.

    All suffering is a choice – it’s a result of our judgments and beliefs about any given situation. When we’re constantly feeling hurt, we really need to take a look at what is driving that.

    If we cannot overcome the belief that continues to create hurtful experiences for us, we’ll not experience anything different from God.

    I’m finding that the best solution to suffering is to begin making a list of things you’re grateful for. I know this probably sounds whacko, but when we focus on what we’re thankful for, and go through the exercise of making a list – with pen and paper, it requires all our focus. When we’re focused on gratitude instead of injuries it changes us at every level.

    I believe that if you do this every day, it will change your life.

    As you focus on gratitude, you’ll find that the men in your life will treat you differently and you’ll discover that God is all you wish Him to be.

  • Guenevere Sep 7, 2011, 5:20 am

    Whoa there, don’t depend on the Scriptures? This is heresy! They were given to us, and space and time fail me in quoting verses to prove my point, to GUIDE US.
    Actually, I trust a ‘word of knowledge’ (rhema) verse from Scripture more than a voice in my head, a preacher, or anything else. People who claimed to have heard His voice have done some remarkably wicked things. HE SAYS HIS WORD IS ABOVE HIS NAME!

    The Book is the living oracle of Israel’s God, and to think that we should ignore it in our search to hear Him is patently ridiculous on its face. Men DIED for the 1611 King James Bible, which is the ONLY set of English Scriptures that is plenary, inspired and preserved. JIt is also not copyrighted and is ccalled “Authorized’, which should be a big hint.
    Jesus Christ has led me to verses therein that seemed to have been written exactly for me, though the prophet penned them centuries ago. The Word is living, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword and all your answers are there. It tells us of things past, present and future.
    I trust no person to tell me what God wants me to hear; I have gotten rid of the middleman and go directly to Him in prayer and the Scriptures never fail to speak.
    It is offensive that the perpetrator of this website tells people to ignore the Bible and rely on voices!
    Yes, the devil quoted the Old Testament to Christ. This alone should tell us how powerful the Word is. Satan used the one weapon of our warfare that he knows is the most powerful!People are biblically ignorant and this is why they are subject to every wind of doctrine and confused, plus they are reading the NIV (Not Inspired Version) so no wonder they are bumbling around, doctrinally unsound.

    There are a proliferation of false per-versions of the Bible that are from the devil. If you’ve been saved any length of time and are not lukewarm or carnal, He will lead you to the 1611. Every truly powerful saint with a dynamic, real testimony will only carry the 1611. And NO, the ‘NEW’ King James is another one of the devil’s tricks.

    As for hearing from Him, it’s like anything else……practice. Immerse yourself in the King James and forget not that the English therein is perfect English….not the colloquial garbage we speak every day, The Holy Ghost will give you the ability to understand the verbiage. You will notice your intelligence rising and your verbal skills increasing. Not to mention, this is the true Word and anything less is cheating yourself. He will speak from this Book of Books if you have the faith to step out and believe it.

    I believe the Word to be the best way to hear from Christ. Voices, preachers, praise songs, whatever. He will always address YOU FIRST and then back it up with signs or other people’s words to you. His methods are endless. Since we are blessed to have the Word, how dare we step not only on the Blood of Christ that gave us the Word, but the countless martyrs who died so you can pick it up at Walmart?

  • Guenevere Sep 7, 2011, 5:23 am


  • Guenevere Sep 7, 2011, 5:35 am

    ‘YOU’LL DISCOVER THAT GOD IS ALL YOU WISH HIM TO BE”? This is the spiritual garbage that you feed people as answers? I must have missed the part in the Scriptures where the Holy One of Israel Who Inhabits Eternity is also called Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy! Can you give me chapter and verse on that, please? You ought to be ashamed of yourself for promulgating this nonsensical website. You are doing more harm than good. You likely are Biblically an ignoramus yourself. Here’s one for you: The blind leading the blind, and both fall in a ditch! Voices! I just cannot get over that you tell people to listen for voices, to open the door of deception! Did King David in the Psalms talk about voices when He beseeched the Lord? I’ll bet you anything he went to the existing Hebrew Scriptures continuously. That’s how the Zoroastrians found the Christ Child…they were familiar with the Book of Daniel, and since Daniel had been in Babylon they had Daniel’s inspired words to GUIDE them to the Christ Child! They left that manger CHRISTIANS. Idiot.

  • Guenevere Sep 7, 2011, 5:38 am

    As for the still small voice……He does employ it, and it cuts through the noise in your head like a razor. It will never contradict His Word. And since we are in the age of deception, the end of days, where occult voices are loudly screaming for the souls of men, I truly believe He is guiding the true believers by His Word.

  • Guenevere Sep 7, 2011, 5:38 am

    PS He told me to write these words of rebuke.

  • Robert Sep 10, 2011, 7:46 am


    There are a lot of folks out there who believe that scripture is the key to hearing God’s voice.

    I’m not one of them. Nor was this site created for them.

    This site is for people who desire to hear God’s voice without the baggage the traditional Christianity piles upon people.

    Your comments are shining examples of the contradictory nature of traditional Christian teaching.

    I was in bondage to that kind of thinking long enough, thank you!

    If you’re still around, read “What The Bible Really Means“.


  • Lisa Feb 11, 2012, 11:02 pm

    I hear God all of the time. Long conversations. Sometimes he tells me things “in advance” (like precognition).

    I like your website… pastor doesn’t seem to think I am hearing God. I think he thinks I am crazy.

  • Robert Feb 11, 2012, 11:55 pm


    Thanks for sharing!

    When I think about it, I don’t recall ever hearing a pastor encourage real communication with God.

    If everyone who attended church actually spoke with God – the churches would likely be very different – or empty.

    And I’m crazy too!



  • Kathy Sanders Mar 5, 2012, 6:47 am

    Robert, I have had the most remarkable experience. About two months ago I prayed for my eyes and ears to be opened to the truth. That night I heard two words and had a vision. It progressed to instructional words, what I needed spiritually, and what his people needed. He put someone in my path that needed spiritual aid. A 17yr old boy I’d known since he was 5. I’m 59. I’d never heard God before this. But I also heard three weeks of battle going on for my soul at the onset. A battle that engulfed me with fear. Through God, I rebuked Satan and went on to give messages to the young man. He would tell me expose the lies. John 3:6 is me. He would give me other verses. He told me about living waters. I would lie in bed and hear my prayers being lifted up to the alter. Things I had prayed for but rewritten in the most beautiful words. Unending prayers and answers. The spirit says help my people hear my voice. They have list the connection. They hear but do not know it is me. One morning very early I heard I thank you I spirit for the link between me and my father. The missing link!!! Then a friend of mine prayed the same prayer that I did and she heard “message is sent.” She contacted me the next morning. And I looked at my notebook and had written .. This comes from my heart and not my head. I cannot be crazy for it comes through me not from me. I am from my fathers kingdom now and I am in him and more importantly he in me. I wrote, do all have the helper? And the response was only those who ask. only those who seek and call my name. I asked “and Holly” and His response was “She is calling” and I have pages more. I hear him every night. Praise my lord.

  • Robert Mar 5, 2012, 12:26 pm


    That is an amazing experience!

    Often when we pray for our eyes and ears to be opened, we are still very much closed by the ideas and beliefs we hold dear.

    To actually pray those words and then be in a state of openness is a powerful invitation – one that God will not ignore!



  • Doug Mar 10, 2012, 3:57 am

    Love this site so far!

  • Lenn Sep 2, 2012, 10:25 pm

    Unsure about future and unable to hear God

  • Robert Sep 19, 2012, 8:58 am


    I think we’re all unsure about the future, aren’t we? No one has a crystal ball that can tell all and predict all.

    And we don’t need that!

    What we can know is that everything will be alright. Here’s why: We are all spiritual beings involved in a physical experience. The only time we feel unsure and discombobulated is when we’re focusing on the physical – which is absolutely unpredictable. As spiritual beings, we get all out of sorts when our focus is removed from the truth of who we are.

    And when we’re focused on physical stuff, unaware of our spiritual connection to God and one another, we feel unable to hear God.

    The only answer is to grow in awareness of who we are, pull our focus from the stuff that distracts us and disturbs our peace and plug into our true nature – the spiritual beings we really are!

    In that place, you’ll find what you seek.



  • sheela selvakumar Jan 2, 2013, 9:53 am

    Realy it’s useful and amazing. I’ve to try my best to become still. I luv to hear God’s voice. please pray for me and sply for my 2 sons and my hubby John selvakumar. THANK U. GOD BLESS U.


  • Robert Jan 2, 2013, 10:29 am

    Thank you, Sheela.

    You hear God more than you think. Stay open, still and don’t allow your mind to think you away from God.



  • marjorie newbi;; Jan 20, 2013, 5:36 am

    Enjoy God Word

  • Berry Jan 21, 2014, 1:42 pm

    I’m enjoying the discussion. Thanks

  • Robert Jan 21, 2014, 7:32 pm

    Glad you’re here!

  • Jude Umeh Feb 20, 2014, 2:44 pm

    When u have prayed for God’s direction over two or more beautiful ideas you have regarding your future, but making a choice still stare at ur face, how do u deal with it. Because u don’t want to make mistakes after you have chosen one

  • Robert Feb 24, 2014, 9:42 am

    Hi Jude,

    Here’s the way I see it: First of all, go with the idea that gives you the most peace and joy. Then, once you’ve chosen, don’t look back!

    You see, often after we’ve made a choice and a struggle comes up, we begin to question our choice – even when we’ve prayed and felt God directed us toward that choice. When we do this, we’re retroactively question God, right? Nowhere does it say that if you choose a particular choice that everything will always be perfect in your life according to your perspective!

    So you must go forward in faith, KNOWING that your course is right. Don’t doubt, don’t look back!

    If you come to a place where you must make another choice, then follow the same steps. Life is really a series of choices that we’ll have to keep making until we make our transition to non-physical.

    Keep choosing the choice that brings the most joy!



  • monica Jul 3, 2015, 12:04 pm

    I have a long story here on my hands. I have always been close to lord since i was a child. Then when i was 18 i died for about 1 minute in a car accident the doctors were able to resusitate me. While i was out i had an experience that to this day i cannot forget and that was 20 years ago. I heard the voice of jesus and saw him standing in front of me. Now i am 39. Just a few months ago i went through a rough break up. I was so broken. Filled with severe sadness, depression, hate…etc. He lied to me and i am expecting his baby is what made it very hard. I got to meet his other girlfriend face to face. Anyhowafter that i could not pick myself up. Until one day i heard a familiar voice in my head. He told me to get up. He conforted me with words and encouragement. I changed from that moment on i was erased of all those awful feelings i had. Just like that one moment to the next. Every since that day i have been hearing the voice. It fills me with encouragement and intsructs me to be still and read the word. The voice has told me to be still and that when samuels father (my unborn baby) father returns i am to be very forgiving and accepting of him to see his child. Not me. His son. I have been instructed to bring him to the lord. I am assuming i do this by a change in me and being very forgiving and using the word. Anyhow heres my dilemma. I believe i have been reborn 100% because i have changed for the better. Now i have always been a worrisome person. I cant help but to ask myself if this that god tells me is true? Or s i me making it up in my head. Somedays i dont care, somedays i strongly believe it and somedays i am so full of doubt. How can i test this command?. How can i know. Insight please help.

  • Robert Jul 3, 2015, 4:26 pm


    Only you can really know. I know that probably doesn’t sound like much help but you could ask a thousand people and get a thousand slightly different opinions. And then you’d have to do whatever you are going to do anyway.

    I would encourage you to keep being still – spend even more time seeking God’s presence and being still. The answer will come.

    And whatever the answer is, be mindful of the circumstances that have brought you to where you are now. You have the ability to choose something other than what you’re currently experiencing – if something different is what you want!



  • claudiacv Oct 9, 2016, 11:54 pm

    I love this site. Your answers are a blessing. You are like the voice of John in the desert. Thank you so much. Through your words, I can feel your faith and your love for God and for your fellow man. You are wise indeed and I shall continue to visit this site every time I can.

  • Robert Oct 10, 2016, 6:34 am

    Thank you!

    Please come as often as you like!

  • Felicia Murphy Dec 26, 2016, 12:54 am

    I love the comments this site has given me a lot of insight on how to be still God would tell me to stand still or be still and I just didn’t know what that meant. But now I can hardly wait to start my quiet time. My mind is always moving so I know this will be a struggle but I will press my way through I only hear a word hear and there that I can say it’s him but so want a constant communication with him infact I need it thanks for all of this.

  • Felicia Murphy Dec 26, 2016, 12:58 am

    Robert I apologize I believe I have left my comment on the wrong link this all new to me lol… But this too is information I’m very much interested in.


  • Robert Jan 16, 2017, 4:37 pm

    Hi Felicia,

    No worries! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site!

    I apologize for not getting your comment approved sooner!

    Blessings to you in 2017!


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