How Do I Communicate With God?


How does one actually initiate two way communication with God?  That’s how I interpret this question.

My goal the last few years has been to get close enough to God that I can receive His teaching with respect to all things spiritual.

Coming from a fundamental Christian religion, I thought I had all the answers.  Over time I began to realize that many of the answers I had were twisted to fit my very narrow view of God.  As I looked deeper, those answers no longer worked. In fact, they never worked.  I just made them work by ignoring much of what was obvious.

A number of years ago I realized that I needed answers from God.  I didn’t want any more of man’s conclusions drawn from their lack of perspective.  Now that’s a big order – but guess what?  God is up for it!

Why am I telling you this?

To communicate with God you must WANT to communicate with God.  You must have a compelling reason.  This isn’t “Do it because The Bible or Mom says you should”.  I’m talking about a feeling of “I must learn the answers to life’s most perplexing questions and God you’re the only one I trust and the only one who has the answers”.

I could say if that’s all you have you’ll find your way and say no more.  I believe that is true but I’ll share a little more of my experience in the hope that it will inspire you to continue up the path you’ve already begun!

I believe it’s good to let God know you mean it when you say you want to communicate with Him.  I told God that I was through with all religious activities and that “I will sit right here until you tell me what to do”.

Be prepared to wait.  There is amazing preparation of the heart that occurs when you wait on God with intent and purpose.  It’s a process of being emptied to be filled again.  I should probably write a book on this subject alone….

So in this instance I spoke to God (Not aloud, but in my thoughts) and then I waited for Him to answer.

Answers began to come as new thoughts just flooding into my mind.  This would happen anytime or place.  Sometimes while driving and often while working or meditating.  When you still your mind and empty it of it’s usual chatter you make a space for God to share a thought – and God will do it!

To sum up – I could say here are the steps to have a conversation with God:

  1. Want to. I mean want to more than anything you’ve ever wanted.
  2. Ask for what you desire. Go ahead and tell God that you want Him to speak, guide or teach you.
  3. Wait. Wait patiently in expectation – this proves to you and God that you’re serious.
  4. Receive. Rejoice with gladness of heart and deep gratitude when God answers. This means believe that you received – don’t chalk it up to the phase of the moon or something you ate.


It’s funny how often we ask for something and then when it comes we tend to forget we ever asked for it and that it was given to us.  We forget to be thankful.  Remember what you ask for and pay attention when it comes so you can be properly grateful.  This builds faith as well.

So go ahead and get started!

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