God, Why Are You Ignoring Me?

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of speaking to someone and getting no response. 

Oh, you’re not married?

Well perhaps you have a sibling who ignored you once. Alright I’m being a little cynical here. Point is, I’m sure we’ve all felt ignored – maybe pretty often.

Recently I said something to my wife and there was no answer. What I had said wasn’t important and so I didn’t bother to repeat it.

I did spend some time thinking about it. I even made up a few stories about it. I don’t know if any of them are true.

One of them had to do with her not thinking my comments were worth a response.

Another was that she just didn’t hear me.

One indicated that I never had anything worth saying anyway.

I could have made up some others but I was just noticing how it goes. We experience something and then start making it mean something. Most of the time we’re just making up stories. Sometimes they may be true. It really never matters because all the meaning is in the story we make up – it means what we make it up to mean.

Ever feel like God isn’t responding to your requests? Do you pray and feel like your request never gets past the ceiling? Do you ask and feel like the answers never come?

Our relation with God is really no different than our relation with others.

Often it’s easy to start feeling like we’re really unimportant to God.

We may deduce that we’re just not worthy of a response – maybe if we had more faith, trust, etc.

Or it may be that God is angry with me and I must do something to please Him.

All stories. They are all true if we make them true. None are true if we accept none of them.

So what is true?

Jesus told the woman at the well “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

I think we err when we ascribe all the human characteristics to the God spirit that we possess. We get to thinking that God is this or that, angry or happy, etc. We feel unworthy in relation to Him. So it’s just as if we’re talking to a human being who just happens to be invisible and yet we view Him as sitting on a great throne up in the sky somewhere – often with a lightning bolt in His hand aimed right at us!

But God is a spirit. So maybe he doesn’t possess all these characteristics we assume.

Maybe He doesn’t think of us as being unworthy. Maybe He doesn’t view us as unimportant and deserving the silent treatment. (As we ourselves have often viewed others.)

What if we made up a story about God being excited to hear our requests and more than ready to fulfill every one? What if we made up a story about us and God being of one spirit so that everything we desired was in alignment and agreement?

How does that feel?

You know, it’s interesting how we make up some stories that just make us feel terrible. We feel wronged, unworthy, mistreated, abused, put down, unfairly treated, etc…. ad infinitum….

Then sometimes we make up stories that make us feel great! We feel uplifted, invincible, happy, a kindred sprit with God, etc.

So, look at how you feel the next time you suspect God is ignoring you.

Notice the story you’ve made up.

Then ask some questions.

Do I like this feeling?

Is this story true? How do I know?

If I don’t like the way this story makes me feel, how should I rewrite the story?

Then rewrite if in a way that makes you feel the way you would like to feel!

Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing: You’re a spirit too. You just think all these human characteristics are you. You’ve really forgotten who you are when you’re getting all caught up in feelings about how bad or good, right or wrong you are.

That’s just something we do. You’ll keep doing it even when you’re aware of it probably. That’s okay.

It is pretty nice when you realize what you’re doing to yourself. Then you can actually turn it around if you choose!

There’s always the possibility that God is giving you exactly what you’re asking for.

I have expanded on this topic here: Why Is God Ignoring Me?


  • Herman Lombard February 18, 2013, 10:44 AM

    Hi Robert,

    It sounds if you are trying to wat Anthony Robbins is proposing. If you try hard enough and be positive all the time , you will receive what you believe in. The fact is Robert that life is not so simplistic and things are not so easy understandable as you make it. Ask me, I am a dedicated christian for many years now, I am old and my life is almost over. I had dreams just like anyone else, I faced many obstacles, some of them do hard to describe. Many times God will not let your dreams come true, no matter how you believe or imagine or pray or try to move God. His ways are unpredictable. When you go back and study the lives of many christians through the ages, Paul, Justin Martyr John Huss and others, then you must realise that God has his own ways. Faith is not in what you receive. Even if you receive nothing from God you have a choice: will you continue to believe or will you become an atheist. Unfortunately our spiritual lives will suffer, because God will not look for medals and trophies, but for scars and broken hearts. Our God is not an average God, but He is souvern and His will and ways are not ours. I live in a country where our lives are worth nothing. Still I have to choose that in spite of all the suffering, poverty and danger, will I continue to serve Him or will I quit. That is the only thing that I have a choice in.

    Bless all who read this!


  • Robert February 18, 2013, 11:16 AM


    I get what you’re saying. I was a dedicated Christian for a number of years as well. I found as many of my readers that some things just didn’t make sense – just as you are saying.

    I was thrust down a slightly different path than you’ve taken. I suppose I could have resisted, but something within me wanted to take the journey.

    I really believe there truth in the promises of Jesus. When Jesus said “According to your faith be it unto you…” “Anything you ask in my name…” “All these things and greater shall you do….” There’s just something in me that won’t let that go.

    The apparent fact that they do not work doesn’t mean they don’t work. To me it just means the apparent fact is not a fact! And so the search goes on…

    Thanks so much for your comments and the beautiful spirit in which you communicate. I really believe that you have expressed the sentiment of many a Christian and I also believe that while it works for some, it just doesn’t work for all. I’m not saying one is more right than another either. What I do believe is that we all must come to terms with our own relationship with God – and that will have much to do with each of us, our faith and what we allow.

    Thanks and blessings,


  • Chris February 18, 2013, 8:56 PM

    You can stop sending me this crap at anytime.

    EDIT: The rest of this comment has been deleted. It offered no benefit to the reader – or the writer for that matter. I included the first line in case anyone else has subscribed to comments on this site. Just simply unsubscribe and you won’t receive anything more.

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