Communicating With God

You will eventually find that God is always communicating with you.

At this time it may not be obvious to you and you may think I’m a little crazy for making that statement.

The thing is, you hear something all the time. There isn’t a second that goes by that there isn’t something being presented to your mind. Our world is full of noises that beg for our attention.

Most of us have a “tape” that plays inside our heads telling us stuff about ourselves, others, the world we live in and how we fit into it – That tape runs constantly and turning it off requires considerable effort.

You must learn to distinguish God’s voice from all the noise that is around you and within you.

When I say “God’s Voice” that often confuses people because a “voice” is typically thought to be an audible communication – words that can be heard with the ears.

God doesn’t usually speak that way. He has a much better way – a more powerful and effective way.

God’s way is better (are you surprised?) for a couple of reasons.

1) People who don’t want to listen won’t hear.

2) People who do, will understand perfectly as God’s communication is not in audible words that are subject to interpretation.

3) Since no interpretation is required, there’s no confusion and following that still small voice can bring the peace of absolute confidence in God’s direction.


 Second guessing or judging the instruction, direction or guidance is much more difficult when it comes from the still small voice within.

Because the still small voice clearly and distinctly presents it’s intent to the person who “has ears to hear” there isn’t any need to interpret. We sometimes do it anyway, but with a little experience and practice we can learn that it’s unnecessary and we can accept the message just as it is in faith.

A second point about the still small voice is this: Most people experience God’s voice as a flow of thoughts. These thoughts are spontaneous – that means thoughts that arise without forethought or prompting from you. You may create the conditions of stillness that allow you to notice these thoughts, and you may even ask a question of God that invites the particular thoughts. But when the thoughts come you will recognize that they’re not generated by your own mind.

In the space of stillness and quietness in the presence of God you have provided the vessel and God has filled it.

The simplicity of this process is missed my many. Somehow we’ve been programmed to think that communicating with God is complicated.

While it is very simple, it can be challenging. The challenge lies in learning to really become still – that’s where it all begins.

Be still and know God