Welcome to my blog about all things relating to a relationship with God.

A relationship survives/exists due to communication and so the primary focus of this site is communicating with God.

I feel that all other aspects will grow out of that communication. These aspects of spirituality cannot be forced, created by joining a group, formed by reading spiritual books, or accepting Jesus as your personal Savior.

That may sound a bit harsh but none of those things matter if one doesn’t have a relationship with God. So let’s start at the starting place, shall we?

Let’s begin with learning how to communicate with God – discover your own relationship with God. Then the rest will fall into place as that relationship grows and blossoms into the living reality God intended.

You will find links on the side bars of this page to topics that may interest you. You may wish to sign up for my free course – the link is at the top right.

Whatever you do, enjoy the journey, stay as long as you like, and leave some helpful comments for those coming along behind!

Thanks and Blessings,