Welcome to BeStillKnowGod!

In the intro video I explain a few things about this site that I think you’ll find helpful.

Here’s a short summary:

I started the blog back in 2008.

Since then I’ve changed a lot. Much of the content on the site no longer reflects who I am today. My thoughts, views, perspectives have changed.

As a result, I’ve wondered what to do with the site! Do I go back and rewrite all the articles? Shut the site down?

During the last few years, I actually decided just shut the site down 4 different times. Each time, before I could pull the trigger, I received emails expressing appreciation for the site!

The last time I decided to shutter the site, I had 3 emails the next morning from 3 different people thanking me for the site. That really got my attention because it’s extremely rare to get 3 emails in one day from readers of BeStillKnowGod!

I knew then that I needed to just leave the site where it was and if I wanted to do something new, just do it differently.

So… the original articles and blog posts will remain. The older content is all text only. Going forward, I’m going to use video as I feel it is a better medium for this type of communication. Older content = text, Newer content = video and text. I hope this makes sense to everyone!

Another thing I want to make clear… All are welcome here. That being said, this site is about a spiritual journey, communicating with God and it’s where I share my unique perspective.

Since the inception of the site, I’ve had a few well meaning folks come visit who felt the need to try and convert me to their way of thinking.

I understand this mentality as I lived there many years myself. However, I no longer feel the need to convert anyone to my way of thinking.

I’ll put it this way, if you’re seeking and unattached to your beliefs, then you’ll likely enjoy the site. If you remain attached to your beliefs and doctrines, then you probably won’t like it here very much. You’re welcome to hang around, but be aware that I’m not interested in efforts to convert me or my visitors to your way of thinking.

Finally, I want to make it really, really clear that I am not your guru, master, enlightened being, etc. You have your own truth. You are your own guru. I’d like to help you realize this truth!

If I’ve done that for one person, then this effort was worth it!

Thanks for visiting and watching. If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on here, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, or subscribe to my email list – or both!

Blessings to you on your journey!